What is a Personal Blender?

BlenderPersonal sized blenders are versatile in many ways. Whether you plan on making a single serve smoothie or a small serving of salsa for a party, these smaller blenders will come in handy.

As well as making smoothies or salsa, they can also make milkshakes and will even chop, mix, blend and whip. The up side of having a personal sized blender in the kitchen is that they don’t take up a lot of room. As well they are handy to take with you when you travel.

These smaller blenders will perform as well as the larger style but are perfect for smaller portions. They make it easier to make a single drink right in the drinking cup thereby saving you time and clean up. Many have a travel cup with a lid making them portable as well.

There are a number of characteristics to considering when purchasing a smaller blender. You want one that is attractive but also has enough power to do the job you need it to do. Some of these smaller blenders have the same power as the larger blenders which can be important when trying to crush ice in your smoothie.

You will also want the base of the blender to be stable and perhaps even slip resistant. This will prevent the blender from toppling over and spilling your drink. As well you won’t need to hold onto the blender while it is on. They are designed to be easy to clean which is always important when we have such busy lives.

Another thing to consider is regarding safety. Make sure the blades lock in place when the blender is being used. Most of these smaller blenders won’t work until the blades are locked in place which could be important.

Some mini blenders come with other accessories such as additional blades, different cups sizes and even mixing cups which are great for accommodating other types of jobs such as chopping nuts or grinding coffee.

There are a variety of different recipes that can be made using the small type of blender. This includes making cocktails to the main course and even desserts. You can create frozen daiquiris, margaritas and pina coladas in a jiffy. Just what you need to get the party started!

Want to make a nacho appetizer? Simply add some onion, peppers, cheddar cheese, pulse it all, heat it in the microwave for a few seconds and pour it all over tortilla chips for a quick nacho appetizer.

Or perhaps you want to make a delicious enchilada. Take some shredded chicken and other ingredients to create a quick and easy snack or lunch. These mini blenders can make light work out of making a meal.

Another popular use of the mini blender is making fresh, preservative free baby food. Some of these blenders come with a nutrition guide and recipes for making baby food.

As well there are resealable cups that make it easy to prepare the food and take out what you need and then save the container in the refridgerator until feeding time. As well the cups are BPA-free so you won’t have to worry about toxic plastic additives getting into your child’s food.

All, in all, a personal blender makes a great addition to any kitchen and is especially useful if you don’t have a lot of time to prepare a smoothie and then clean up the blender. Just make the smoothie in the attached cup and take it with you.

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