Sports Blender Smoothie Maker

If you are struggling to find the time to make your own healthy and delicious smoothies and drinks, look no further than the Sports Blender Smoothie Maker. This blender will do a great job of blending nutritious fruit juices, protein shakes, milk shakes, slushies and smoothies in a short amount of time. This personal blender will help you eat healthy a complement your busy lifestyle.

Sports Personal Blender Smoothie Maker Features

  • Make healthy and tasty drinks on the go!
  • Create milkshakes, protein shakes, fruit juices, smoothies and slushies in seconds!
  • The blender has 300 watt motor with steel blades
  • The blender comes complete with 550 ml 18-oz BPA-free bottle with spill-proof lids and carry handle. Extra bottles are available.
  • It is perfect for a wide variety of ingredients and recipes including soups, sauces, dressings, marinades, batters, desserts, coffee, nuts, spices, fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies, cocktails, milkshakes and more!
  • This personal blender is compact, has a lightweight design in light green /white.
  • It is perfect for taking to the gym, work, commuting, college, travelling and fits most car cup holders.

Sports Blender Smoothie Maker Description

BRAVIT Personal Sports BlenderThis personal blender comes with a BPA-free easy grip bottle that has a spill proof lid and carry handles. The bottle will fit in most car’s cup holder. The blender has a 300 watt motor as well as steel blades. It offers a lightweight design with a green and white finish.

What we Liked Most about the Sports Blender Smoothie Maker

This personal blender is light weight and easy to clean and is perfect for making a single serving of your favorite smoothie or juice. And, the price is right!

What we Did Not Like about the Sports Blender Smoothie Maker

It seems that this little blender works very well and people don’t seem to have any thing to complain about when it came to using the blender.

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More about the Sports Blender Smoothie Maker

Sports Blender Smoothie MakerIf you intend on adding ice to your ingredients in the blender you should add a small amount of liquid to the ice before blending. This will help protect the blades from getting damaged.

When making a smoothie you can add water or some other liquid ingredient such as yogurt, milk or even juice from your recipe.

It is a good idea to never pack the this personal blender with ice, only add a few cubes at a time when blending.

You might also want to allow frozen fruit to defrost a little before blending to prevent damage to the machine.

If you add a bunch of ice after you have made your drink, only add a few cubs as this allows room for the ingredients to expand as the ice melts.

Sports Blender Smoothie Maker Video:

Personal blender order link: BRAVIT Personal Sports Blender


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