MaxiMatic Elite Blender Review

The 17 piece Maximatic Elite blender is the perfect complement to your active lifestyle. Included are four spill proof 16 oz cups that feature foam grips to ensure that you hang on to your beverage while you are on the move.

You can also use the small grinder cup to shred cheese with ease, grind coffee beans, or dice vegetables to make fresh chunky salsas.

The Maximatic is the perfect blender to make smoothies for breakfast on the way out the door in the morning. It works great and the price is fair. It is powerful enough to handle frozen fruit and not too loud so you won’t be waking up other people in the house in the morning.

Maximatic Elite Personal Blender Features:

  • Maximatic Elite Personal BlenderIt makes healthy and delicious drinks such as smoothies protein shakes, milk shakes and mixed drinks;
  • The blender has an easy to use one-touch pulse switch;
  • There is a safety lock system;
  • This blender will also chop nuts, grate cheese and grind coffee;
  • It is quick and easy clean.

Maximatic Elite Blender Description:

You can make healthy smoothies and shakes with the Elite Cuisine Personal Drink Blender 17-Piece set. The Elite Cuisine Blender comes with travel cups along with lids so drinks can easily be taken on the go. It also comes with two sets of stainless-steel blades for different kinds of blending and chopping.

At 300 watts of power, this personal blender can be used to chop nuts and grate all different kinds of cheese. With just a touch of a button, this personal blender can also be used to grind coffee beans. The individual cups and other parts of the Elite Cuisine Blender are all dishwasher safe, so cleaning up is quick and easy.

What we Liked Most About the Maximatic Elite Blender

This is a personal blender that can do it all but comes in a small package. Unlike a lot of other personal blenders, the Maximatic Elite Blender can easily chop, grate, blend or grind. As well having a set of personal travel cups is an added bonus.

What We Did Not Like About the Maximatic Elite Blender

This personal blender tends to be a little noisy so maybe not something you want to use first thing in the morning if you still have sleeping family members. It doesn’t blend well if you put in large pieces of fruit so you will have to cut them up.

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More About the Maximatic Elite blender:

Maximatic Elite blenderYou can use this blender for chopping, grating, blending or grinding so easily that cooking becomes more fun!

This full package comes with five medium and one smaller sized dishwashable travel cups.

There are two kind of blades; one flat blade and one cross blade.

The flat blade is great for grinding spices and coffee.

This personal blender is pretty amazing since besides making soothies it also juices vegetables.

The Maximatic Elite Blender is great for traveling whether you take it on holiday or for work related travel.

Smoothie War #7 with my Elite blender Video:

Here are Some Comparable Blenders:

Hamilton Beach Single-Serve BlenderThe Hamilton Beach 51102 Single-Serve Blender is a compact design that is great for use in small spaces and offers on the go portability. Take on vacation, camping or to the beach! This blender makes smoothies, shakes, baby formula, marinades and salad dressings.
This blender comes with two 14 ounce blending jars that can be used as portable travel cups. They have a drink lid with a spout for easy sipping.
The blender jars are made of BPA free material and the durable, stainless steel cutting blades make quick work of ingredients for the perfect smoothie.
The Hamilton Beach 51102 Single-Serve Blender also has a one-touch operation with on/pulse button. The jars and lids are dishwasher safe.


Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend 250-Watt BlenderThe Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend 250-Watt Blender has a 20 ounce BPA-free plastic sport bottle. This blender has a powerful 250-watt motor that turns ice and frozen fruit into your favorite smoothie, health shake or diet drink.
The blender’s base is small enough for any small space so it makes it useful for taking on vacation. The Oster My Blend comes in four different colors (blue, red, orange and pink).
The sports bottle is dishwasher safe and the 250-watt motor has one touch blending. As well there are recipes included in the manual.


Which Personal Blender for Smoothies is Better:
It comes down to personal preference but it seems that having a personal blender that can do more than one thing is important. I like that both the Elite Cuisine and the Hamilton Beach blenders are a little bit more versatile. But if I had to chose I would go with the Maximatic Elite blender because it not only makes smoothies but will chop nuts and cheese and as well grind coffee.

A Look at Another Personal Blender:

The Nutri Ninja 1000 Watt Pro Blender is perfect for making smoothies or preparing food.

Nutri Ninja blenderThe Nutri Ninja takes the work out of getting a daily dose of fruits and veggies!This powerful personal blender can crush ice, chop, blend, and extract vital vitamins and nutrients from your favorite foods into a single serving to be enjoyed on the go.

Make smooth, delicious drinks and meals in record time: Ninja’s pulse technology is designed so that all the ingredients fall towards the extractor blades, giving it the power to break down whole frozen or fresh fruits and vegetables in a snap.

Need a great gift for someone always on the move?

The Nutri Ninja comes with one 24-oz and one 18-oz personal to-go cup complete with sip and go lid and silicone sleeve for a quick and simple way to mix a meal or snack and get out the door.

From college students to empty nesters, and all movers and shakers in between, the Nutri Ninja and nutrient guide makes it easy to eat smart.

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