Keyton Personal Blender with Travel Lid Review

You will love the sleek design of this Keyton personal blender with travel lid. It will fit right into your kitchen setting and not take up a lot of room. Its size and portability make blending shakes and smoothies more convenient. There is no need to pull out the big blender anymore just to blend a quick shake or smoothie.

Keyton Personal Blender with Travel Lid Features

  • This blender has a modern sleek design
  • Requires one touch and can function hands free
  • Take your smoothie or shake on the go
  • Has a high power 300 watt motor
  • Can crush and pulverize ice and frozen fruits
  • The jar is BPA free

Keyton Personal Blender with Travel Lid Description

The blender comes with a 21 ounce, BPA free jug that can double as a sports bottle and blender container. The blender operates with a one-touch operation when the bottle is pressed down into the base. It can also be locked in place so it becomes a hands free operation. There are suction caps on the base so it will stay secure to the counter top when in use.  The bottle and blade are dishwasher safe making for easy cleanup.

What we Liked about the Keyton Personal Blender with Travel Lid

We were impressed with how well this small blender works. We liked how the mouth piece snaps onto the bottle when not in use so it won’t go missing. A lot of thought went into the design of this personal blender and it shows. We also liked the suction cups on the base. Makes it stable when in use.

What we Did Not Like about the Keyton Personal Blender with Travel Lid

Although this blender works very well there is one drawback. The bottle is a bit narrow. As a result you need to cut up fruit in smaller pieces since they may get stuck in the middle of the container. It is not terribly powerful so it may take a little longer to blend the ingredients thoroughly.

Keyton Personal Blender with Travel Lid Information Link: Portable Sports Bottle Blender

More about the Keyton Personal Blender with Travel Lid

Keyton Personal Blender with Travel LidThe compact size of this personal smoothie blender makes it perfect for use when traveling, at work, in dormitories and small apartments where counter space may be limited.

The convenient drinking bottle allows you to take your shake or smoothie with you when you go.

The blender container can double as a drinking bottle with its unique sport cap.

No more searching for a container to take with you when you go to work or the gym.

It is efficient and easy to use and makes the perfect size for a single serving.




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