How to Find the Best Personal Blender

There are lots of different brands of personal blenders on the market and making a decision to find the best personal blender for your needs doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little research, you will find the right one for your needs.

Personal Blender

A small blender can perform a variety of tasks from making smoothies, chopping food to crushing ice.

Tips to Find the Best Personal Blender:

Material: The footing of the blender has to be sturdy. Make sure that the footing is stable enough that the blender will not topple off the table while it is filled with contents and performing its tasks.

The containers may be glass or plastic. The ones made in glass are heavier, and sturdier but are more expensive than the ones with plastic containers.

Functions: Most personal or small blenders don’t have a lot of functions although you can get ones that have a pulse or interchangeable blades for making smoothies or for chopping food. The more then do, the more they cost.

Wattage: This can vary from 500 watts for the smaller food processors to 900 watts. One with high wattage can blend quickly and easily. Your only concern could be that these blenders will cost more.

Safety: Some models are labeled as dishwasher safe for the moveable parts. Many blenders also have safety locks to prevent the blender from starting to process without the lid on.

Personal blenders for smoothies or counter top blenders as they are often referred to, have a base and a container in which the materials are blended. These blenders come in a variety of color and design with prices ranging from $10 to $200.

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Now, that you know what you need to consider in order to find the best personal blender for your needs, you can make the right choice. Before you buy you also might want to check the warranty to protect your rights as a consumer. Also, if you are buying online or you aren’t able to try the blender first, make sure you will be able to return it if it doesn’t function as promised.

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