How Does a Personal Blender Work?

In today’s busy world, having a personal sized blender in the kitchen can make a variety of jobs easier. A personal blender is not much different from a normal sized one. It just doesn’t take up as much room. Today they are as powerful, if not more so, than some full sized blenders.

So how does a blender work? There is a motor at the bottom with a control panel. Some have buttons that control different speeds. Other have a pulse action which is great for chopping food.

The motor drives the blades that blend the food in the container. The container sits into the base and has a lid. Some personal sized blenders have travel lids so you can take your smoothie on the go.

When the motor drives the blade a tornadic action occurs that circulates the contents and mixes everything together for the desired consistency.

So How Does a Personal Blender Work?

If you were to take some fruit such as blueberries and add them to the blender and then push a button to start the action, the motor would make the blades turn. This creates a circular motion and creates a vortex (also called a spiral movement) in the container.

As a result of this action, the fruit becomes liquid. Also the vortex action creates a sort of vacuum in the middle of the container which also pulls the blueberries towards the blades.

If you were to look inside the container while the blades were spinning you would see that the center has a well. The blades are actually pushing the food towards the blades and up against the walls of the container. This action is repeated over and over again until you have your final product.

As a result of all this whirling and spinning, you end up with the solid food you put in the blender container becoming mixed together to make a blend of ingredients with a consistent texture. The smoothie!

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