High-Speed Countertop Blender With Travel Sports Bottles

This High-Speed Countertop Blender with Travel Sports Bottles is able to make juice, smoothies, breakfast drinks as well as protein and sports drinks with just a push of a button. It will make a great gift for a friend or for yourself. Take with you wherever you go!

High Speed Countertop Blender With Travel Sports Bottles Features

  • One-touch operation making this blender easy to use.
  • It can be used for a number of purposes from making fresh fruit juice to baby food and smoothies.
  • The ergonomically designed bottle allows for a firmer grip.
  • The lid is double sealed so you won’t have to worry about spills.
  • Comes with a high powered 300-watt motor and four stainless steel blades.

High Speed Countertop Blender With Travel Sports Bottles Description

High Speed Countertop Blender With Travel Sports BottlesThe blender operates with the push of a button making it extremely easy to use. There is a 300W motor and four stainless steel blades.

This blender will crush ice as well as blend nuts, shred vegetables and fruit. You will also be able to make baby food, jam, and smoothies.

The blender comes with two 23-ounce sports bottles. The sports bottles and blender are made with BPA-free food-grade materials.

What we Liked Most About the High-Speed Countertop Blender With Travel Sports Bottles

We like that this blender is easy to use and is very portable. We also like that it is easy to clean. Just run the blades under running water.

It comes with two travel bottles which makes it more convenient when you have two people wanting a smoothie.

What we Did Not Like about the High-Speed Countertop Blender With Travel Sports Bottles

There isn’t a lot to complain about when it comes to this blender. Most people found that it isn’t that powerful but if you cut up the fruit and vegetables before blending it should work very well.

High-Speed Countertop Blender With Travel Sports Bottles Info Link: Travel Blender

More about the High-Speed Countertop Blender With Travel Sports Bottles

High Speed Blender With Travel Sports BottlesIf you enjoy fresh juice, this blender will puree fruits and vegetables for a delightful juice.

Not only will it make smoothies and juice, this blender can also crush ice and nuts.

Blend your smoothie or juice in the container and then take it with you.

The one-touch operation means you can do everything in one container.

The blender makes for a healthy way to start your day with a juice or a smoothie.

If you travel a lot, you will appreciate having this blender.

It doesn’t take up much space on the counter making it perfect for a small kitchen or camper.

Made of BPA-free and food grade material, this ergonomically designed container will make a great addition to your kitchen appliances.

Personal Juice Blender Unboxing & Demonstration Video:

High-Speed Countertop Blender With Travel Sports Bottles

Features: NO NEED TO WAIT FOR FRESH JUICE – It is a healthy way to start your day. This juicer blender has a pure copper motor and stainless steel stirring blade, the engine can provides 300 watts of power, which is able to shred ice cubes into crushed ice and smash vegetables into puree quickly and evenly. Four razor-sharp blades provide you strong power to crush ice, fruits and nuts. With the personal juicer, you can just prepare the food, blend them and enjoy your drink within one minute!, SUPER SIMPLE JUST BLEND AND GO – One-touch operation of this portable juicer makes blending fast and easy. Put your favorite ingredients into the juice blender bottle and screw up the blade cap. Attach the bottle to the base, twist it to lock and then start the juicer blender mixer. Once you have blended the juice to your preferred level, replace the blade lid with leak-proof lid. Then you can take the juice to your work place, to the gym or anywhere else., THE BEST CHOICE FOR HEALTH – Juicer mixer is ideal for health-conscious lifestyle since you can easily prepare homemade nutrition juice and protein shakes with this product. Start a healthy morning with fresh juice that is packed with all the vitamins and nutrients. This portable juicer blender allows you to personalize the ingredients of your drinks. Juice blender ensures the freshness of drinks and smoothies. It is a unique and fast way to bring nutrition into your daily life., ENJOY IT EVERYWHERE – This portable juicer blender is sold with two 23oz sports bottles. The portable juicer bottle is ergonomically designed to offer greater grip and increased comfort when holding it in hand. The bottle can fit the cup holders of most cars and bikes. It is convenient to take your juice on during running or gym sessions. This juice blender is portable and extremely convenient so that you can enjoy your personalized drink in seconds when you are doing outdoor activities., SAFE MATERIAL & EASY TO CLEAN – Every part of this personal juicer is food-grade material and BPA-free, which means that it can be used again and again without being contaminated. Because of its compact design the personer juicer is also easy to store. Detachable stainless steel blades can be easily cleaned either by hand or by the dishwasher. The bottom of this juice blender base is non-slip designed in order to keep its firmness on the counter or on other surfaces.

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