Gourmia BlendMate Personal Blender Review

With the Gourmia BlendMate Personal Blender you’ve got 250 watts of power at your fingertips! This personal blender will crush ice, hard root vegetables, nuts, or even puree baby food.

The BlendMate Plus handles it all with a dual action blending blade. Just throw it in your favorite ingredients and blend it right in the travel sport bottle. You’ll be ready to go in just minutes!

Gourmia BlendMate Personal Blender Features

  • The BlendMate design blends food right in the bottle for on the go convenience
  • Powerful 250 watt motor crushes ice and hard/frozen foods with ease, for seamless smooth results
  • The unit handles temperatures of up to 100°C  for effortless pureeing of soups or hot foods as well
  • The single button operation includes touch pulse feature for customizable textures
  • Ultra sleek and compact design enhances countertops with minimal space
  • The unit is light and easily portable for easy blending anywhere
  • Includes 20 oz travel sport bottle with sealable lid.
  • Removable parts are dishwasher safe and BPA free

Gourmia BlendMate Personal Blender Description

Now you can make time for healthy smoothies and soup in a short period of time. With the Gourmia’s BlendMate Plus you will be able to use the single button operation or pulse feature to make your favorite blends.

Gourmia BlendMate Personal BlenderMake your smoothie in the included travel sports bottle, add the sealable lid and you can take your smoothie anywhere you go.

What we Liked Most about the Gourmia BlendMate Personal Blender

This is a great, affordable smoothie blender and it was very easy to use. It is also easy to clean up. You just add what you need into the cup making sure there is enough room for expansion in the cup.

Just turn it on, screw on the blade bottom and line up in the blender. You will need to hold it down the button to keep it mixing. That’s it! Just unscrew it and put the drinking lid on and you are ready to enough your smoothie.

What we Did Not Like about the Gourmia BlendMate Personal Blender

Some people have found that it takes a bit longer than most blenders to blend a smoothie. However, for the price this is a small inconvenience. Also, there were a couple of complains about the lid not being the most practical design. The hole is small and the handle gets in the way of drinking.

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More about the Gourmia BlendMate Personal Blender

Gourmia BlendMate BlenderThe touch pulse mode is ideal for blending foods like salsas and chunky pureed soup and cookie crumbs.

The blender is also designed to take up minimum space. It has a modern design.

The single button operation means you can get smoothies your way, right in your own kitchen.

You can take it anywhere for easy use and the minimal clean up. It also has a hassle free reassembly.

Add a blast of nutritious flavor and fun to your life!

Gourmia BlendMate Personal Blender Video:

Personal Blender order link: Gourmia Personal Blender

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