Welcome to Best Personal Blenders. We offer a variety of different personal blenders that we have listed on this site.

We unfortunately do not have a facility to be able to test all of these blenders, but we have visited a number of sites that offer reviews on the various types of personal blenders.

As a result of our research we have made a selection of the best blenders available on Amazon. We take into consideration the reviews from people who have bought the blender and who use it on a daily bases.

We have tried to stay away from any blenders that are not top rated and have offered both the pros and cons of each one.

Since I love having a smoothie every morning and I travel a lot, I wanted to have a blender that would do the work of a big machine but be easy to pack up and take with me or didn’t take up too much room in the kitchen.  As a result I started researching personal blenders and made this site so that you too can make the right choice for your smoothie making!

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